RSVP Policy for FNM

Friday Night Magic begins each Friday night promptly at 6pm. Due to popularity and space constraints, FNM is now RSVP-only via our Eventbrite page.

**For directions on how to cancel your reservation if you need to, click here.**


Star Trek: Attack Wing Tournaments

Arena Episode Kit
Sunday, November 30

Sign up via Eventbrite.

Resistance is Futile OP3
Due to a delay in the kits, this tournament will be rescheduled in January or February. More info soon.


First Moves
The second Saturday of the month,

We are frequently asked to hold events for younger children. First Moves will run from 9:30 to 10:30 on the second Saturday morning of the month, just for kids from 3-5 who love puzzles and games.

We will play all sorts of great games designed to help dexterity and logic, math and language, and even social skills. Our “First Moves” classes are specifically designed to help children learn the basic skills needed to play games, including taking turns, winning and losing with grace, and following directions. We play many cooperative games too. This helps the children learn to work with others in a productive manner. They’ll also get to exercise their creativity as they get to design their own jigsaw puzzle to take home every session.

Each class will be $10 per child. You may drop your child off or stay with them as you prefer. This offers the perfect opportunity to get a free hour to explore Eastern Market. Children must be potty trained. You must reserve a spot for this class by visiting our Eventbrite page.


Super Moves Advanced Game Club Summer Session
Wednesdays 4pm-5:30pm

This class is designed specifically for middle-schoolers who have more experience playing games, or for rising 4th and 5th graders who have participated in our regular game class for at least two years and are now ready for more advanced games. The class explores advanced European games like Settlers of Catan and Dominion, and explores some collectible card games like Magic: the Gathering.

To register, please download the registration form, fill it out, and return it via email or in person. Cost is $5/class.


It's Game Party Time!
Wait! It's BOTH!

Have a terrific game-themed party at Labyrinth! Private space will be devoted to your event and our party planners will work with you to ensure that everything is just perfect. We can help coordinate the food and drinks, and we will provide the fun and games. Gift bags, decorations and other extras are also available. Children's parties are specially designed for ages 6 and up.  We can accommodate up to approximately 15 children. Call 202-544-1059 or e-mail for prices and availability.

Game Events

Labyrinth schedules regular gaming events in the evenings and on weekends. If you have ideas or would like to see a particular type of gaming event included in our schedule, please contact us

There is a suggested donation of $2 for drop-in table space, which is based on availability. The donation goes straight to our demo games fund, to help us have more great new games for you to play! Tables may be reserved in advance for $10 per day per table, and the event organizer will receive a $5 in-store credit. You may bring your own games or play several in-store demo games at no additional charge. For parties and other special events, including reserving the entire gaming space or store, please call or e-mail us for prices and availability. Labyrinth reserves the right to decline any and all gaming events.  To reserve a table, please e-mail us to receive a Table Reservation Form.


D&D Encounters
Every Wednesday, 6:30pm

It's the return of the popular D&D Encounters program on Wednesday night! Come join in a game and try out the brand new system! Encounters are free, easy for beginners, and meant to be jumped into at any time.

Currently, there are no open tables or seats, but if you're interested in volunteering to run a table, please email Judy. When the new session starts, tables will be available for RSVP on Eventbrite. There will be an announcement beforehand on our Facebook page.


Kids' Magic: the Gathering Group
First Saturday of the month

We've started a monthly play group specifically for our younger Magic players. We'll teach the basics of the game, plus more advanced tips and tricks and deck-building strategies. This class is great for kids who know how to play but are looking for opponents their own age, as well as for any kid who wants to learn how to play. Magic is a complex, strategic game that develops analytical and mathematical skills. 

Recommended for ages 9+ due to a dark fantasy theme. Cost for each session is $10. Please RSVP at our Eventbrite page. 


Learn to Play Pokemon

Saturday, January 10
4:00pm - 5:00pm

If your child begs for Pokémon cards and loves collecting them, but doesn't really understand the game, this is the event for you. The game of Pokémon is very strategic and improves math skills (don't tell the kids). This two-hour class (you can drop off your kids - plenty of time for a nice, peaceful dinner) is for children from 6 to 10 years old.

 The cost will be $30, and each child will receive a complete deck of the latest Pokémon cards (normal cost is $16.54 for just the cards). Space is limited. You must register for this class at our Eventbrite page.