Labyrinth’s 10th Annual Celebration of Gaming Goes Virtual

Saturday, August 8 - Sunday, August 16


  • Kathleen v. Staff Board Game Battle streaming all week on Twitch
    • Audience participation!
    • Fabulous giveaways!
  • Daily Deals on our online store
    • Check back every day for a new, wacky, themed deal!
  • Roll-a-d20 Holiday Coupons
    • Get a variable percentage coupon to use for your holiday shopping!

The birthday girl... a few years ago

Help us celebrate Kathleen’s 50th birthday with fun events, and of course, super hot deals all week!

2020 has definitely not gone as planned. In January, we started plotting all the great ways that we would celebrate our 10th year in business (and Kathleen’s first half-century of life). All that had to be put on hold when we were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we scrambled to move our events online and build an online store to keep our team employed, and help supply you with fun games and puzzles to make quarantining a little better.

We are now open with reduced hours, but it is still not safe to have many people in the store. So, we are taking this year’s Celebration of Gaming to cyberspace! Please join us for our live streams on Twitch with special guests, and take advantage of our virtual sidewalk sale to get yourself some great gifts. And it wouldn’t feel like Labyrinth’s Celebration of Gaming without our Roll-a-d20 sale, so every purchase made from August 8 to August 16 will be packaged with a Roll-a-d20 Holiday Coupon!

Read on for more details about all of these great events and promotions.

The Parties (Events)

You can’t have a birthday celebration without a party, and we decided that Kathleen’s 50th deserves a bunch of parties, so we have an amazing lineup of events all week long! Several local game designers have agreed to come and teach us (and you) how to play their games. Kathleen, our fearless leader and birthday girl, will then play the game against Labyrinth staff live on Twitch. Who will win? You’ll get to vote in the Twitch chat before the game begins: Team Kathleen or Team Staff. If you guessed right, you’ll be entered to win fantastic prizes! We’ll also be including other ways to win throughout the broadcast. You’ll need to stay tuned. Two of the planned events - Word on the Street and Tattoo Stories - will even call on you to actively participate in the game!

Streaming Schedule

Saturday, August 8, 6pm – Word on the Street - Kathleen vs. Yoni with audience participation

We’re kicking off the Sidewalk Sale with a sidewalk game. Word on the Street is a fast-paced spelling game for two teams. Kathleen will face off against store manager Yoni in a showdown for the ages… and you can play along! Spam the chat with helpful suggestions during Yoni’s turns and distracting nonsense during Kathleen’s turns to help me win! to help both players equally. [Editor’s Note – No, no, help Kathleen instead!]

Sunday, August 9 – Happy birthday, Kathleen! There’s no stream today.

Kathleen is taking her actual birthday off work. Woohoo!

Monday, August 10, 6pm – The Search for Planet X with Ben Rosset & Matthew O'Malley

Local game design Matthew O'Malley and formerly-local game designer Ben Rosset teach us their new game, The Search for Planet X! It’s a deduction-based board game where players take on the role of astronomers searching for a hypothetical planet. The Search for Planet X captures the thrill of discovery, the puzzly nature of astronomical investigation, and the competition inherent in the scientific process.

Tuesday, August 11, 5pm – Oceans with Dominic Crapuchettes

Oceans is a stand-alone game for 2 - 4 players in the highly acclaimed Evolution product line. Oceans depicts the interconnected ecosystem of marine life and combines it with the powerful mysteries of the unknown. Local game designer Dominic Crapuchettes will be on hand to give our players advice as they venture into The Deep.

Wednesday, August 12, 6pm – Composition with Matthew Hocker

Composition is a character-driven word spelling game where players take the role of incredible Maestros, conducting performances to become the greatest composer of all! Local game designer Matthew Hocker will teach our Maestros all of the ways they can win Ovations and Awards in order to deliver a performance like no other.

Thursday, August 13, 7pm – It’s your chance to play! Tattoo Stories with Eric Slauson

Good ink or bad ink… The art is how you sell it! Tattoo Stories is a hilarious party game where your drawing skills don’t matter as much as your sales prowess. This will be an interactive event, where you get to help our tattoo artists (Kathleen and the staff) design the perfect body ink. After the artists pitch their designs, explaining their rationale, you’ll also serve as the final judges, deciding which artist best brought the customer’s vision to life. Local game designer Eric Slauson will join us as emcee for the event.

Friday, August 14, 6:30pm – Friday Night Magic: A Retrospective

The leaders of Labyrinth’s Magic team from the last 10 years square off against Kathleen in a game of Commander.  Kathleen will play her crowd-sourced Commander deck one final time against our past MTG managers before it is auctioned off to support the Labyrinth Teacher Fund. Kathleen will be playing against Alexander Smith, Ben Hain, and Matt Langhinrichs, with color commentary by Judy Thomas.

Saturday August 15, 3pm – Wingspan + European Expansion with Elizabeth Hargrave

We all love Wingspan, but we haven't had a chance to play the new European Expansion yet! Local designer Elizabeth Hargrave is here to help us remedy that situation. This expansion increases the scope of the world to include the regal, beautiful, and varied birds of Europe. Elizabeth will also have some bird trivia questions for the audience, so keep an eagle eye on the Twitch chat.

Sunday August 16, 3pm – Imperial Struggle with Jason Matthews

Labyrinth war-gamer Rich has been dying to play this follow up to Twilight Struggle, so he’s dueling Kathleen in the final bout of the 2020 Kathleen v. Staff Board Game Battle! Local game designer Jason Matthews will be their guide as they learn to play this two-player historical game depicting the 18th-century rivalry between France and Britain.

The Gifts (Deals)

Every year for the last 10 years, we’ve run a summer clearance and Roll-a-d20 sale during the Celebration of Gaming Week. Kathleen has always joked that it’s her birthday, but our wonderful customers get the gifts - discounts and giveaways. This year we’ll be offering some great deals, both online and in store. We would like to encourage you to please shop online if possible, to avoid having a rush of in-store shoppers. Our number one priority is still keeping customers and staff safe.

We are kicking off the week by participating in the city-wide Dog Days of Summer Virtual Sidewalk Sale on Saturday - Sunday, August 8 - 9. After that, from Monday, August 10 to Sunday, August 16, there will be a different wacky deal featured on our online store every day. Check back every morning to see what’s new!

Additionally, every purchase during the Celebration of Gaming will include a Roll-a-d20 Holiday Coupon with their order. Coupons have a random chance of anywhere from 5% to 20% off, and can be redeemed for one entire purchase between November 30 and December 6.* Roll the dice (figuratively), and kickstart your holiday shipping at Labyrinth!

*Each order placed between Saturday, August 8 at 12:01 am and Sunday, August 16 at 11:59 pm will be eligible for 1 coupon. A physical coupon will be provided along with the merchandise. Each coupon will provide a percentage discount between 5% and 20% off one all items on one order, redeemable in-person at Labyrinth or on Labyrinth’s online store from November 30 - December 6. Discount excludes Lego and HABA, and does not apply to shipping or other fees. Coupons cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.)

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