Pokémon: Lost Thunder Draft

Card Art from "Thunder Mountain"with a stone arch surrounded by blue-green lightning

Pokémon: Lost Thunder Draft

Sunday, December 30, 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

645 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003


Sign up here to reserve a spot in Labyrinth's official Pokémon Draft Tournament.  Registration is open.

This is a limited format Lost Thunder casual tournament.

How does it work?

In a Booster Draft event, players receive a build & battle kit (an evolution pack and 4 lost thunder boosters). Players split into equal-sized groups, and are seated in a circle. To start, each player opens one booster pack without revealing its contents to the other players. Each player then selects one card from their booster pack and lays it face down in front of them. Players then pass the remaining cards, face down, to the person on their left. The cards selected by each player should remain private knowledge during the drafting process. Each player continues to select one card from among the cards handed to them until all the cards have been selected. This process repeats for each remaining booster pack.

After all the booster packs have been opened and all the cards have been selected, each player constructs a 40-card deck, using only the cards they selected, evolution pack and any basic Energy cards provided by Labyrinth. Players have 30 minutes to construct their decks. Players may not trade the cards they selected in the draft with other players until the tournament ends. Once the first round of the tournament begins, players may not alter the contents of their decks.

Due to the complicated nature of a draft, you must be 9 or older to participate.

Note: In this format, as with prerelease tournaments, you play with only 4 prize cards.

Play!Pokémon ID number required for this event. Go to pokemon.com to sign up for a Play!Pokémon ID number.

Preregistration for this event has closed. Please call the store at 202-544-1059 if you have any questions.