Labyrinth's Planeswalker Weekend Extravaganza!

Labyrinth's Planeswalker Weekend Extravaganza!

May 25, all day

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

645 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003


**We've updated some of the information for this event. All new info will be bolded.**

Join us for a Magic: the Gathering celebration unlike any before. We'll be ringing in the arrival of summer while simultanously wishing Ben Hain, our MTG manager, a fond farewell as he leaves to return to his ancestral home in a land far, far away. Party like a Planeswalker all weekend, and help us say "Bon Voyage" to Ben!

On May 25th and 26th, Labyrinth is hosting Planeswalker Weekend, a two-day party celebrating the world’s most popular trading card game. This mini-MagicFest will feature casual and competitive play, including our Store championship. There will be food, a raffle wall, and much more, so come, hang out, and play this amazing game.

Seats for the Saturday Extravaganza will be limited and a ticket is required.  Tickets are available for purchase in store. Entry is $10. With your ticket you will receive: barbeque lunch, a Labyrinth Life Pad and Pen, a WAR sticker, and one raffle ticket, and entry into the constructed King of the Hill event. The first 36 people through the door will also receive a Japanese WAR booster pack (featuring alternate art planeswalkers). The first 48 people through the door will also receive a promo Karn's Bastion. Tickets are available for purchase starting Tuesday, 5/14/19.

You can check out the schedule of events below.

Fire-at-Will Drafts: all day
All day Saturday, sign up for War of the Spark drafts. We’ll fire pods as soon as we get 8 players. $12 per draft. Raffle tickets will be awarded by standing: 4 for first place, 2 for second, 1 for third and fourth. 1 bonus raffle ticket to all players for drafts starting before 11am.

Sealed League Blitz: all day
Buy three packs of War of the Spark, construct your best 30-card deck, and battle all weekend long. Every three losses, you can grab another pack. As a special Planeswalker Weekend twist, Planeswalker cards will be castable using mana of any color! This means that players will be able to play every Planeswalker they open, regardless of the color(s) of your deck. Raffle tickets will be awarded based on the number of matches won: 2 tickets for 5-9 wins, 5 tickets for 10+ wins. The player with the most total wins will receive 5 bonus tickets.

Constructed King of the Hill: All Day
Play best-of-three matches in various constructed formats. Each match you win will earn you 1 raffle ticket. Once at least four players a playing a given format, the first player to win a match in each format will be declared King of the HIll. If a player beats the King of the Hill, they steal the title. Each match a player wins as the King of the Hill earns them 1 bonus raffle ticket. If the current King of the Hill for a format leaves the event, their title will be passed to the first player to win a match in that format. Any constructed format is allowed, but at least four players must be playing for a player to be crowned King of the Hill.

Store Championship: 12pm-5pm, Sunday, May 26
Planeswalker weekend culminates in our War of the Spark Store Championship. The format is 6-pack sealed. We will play five rounds. All players will receive an exclusive Time Wipe promo card and the top finisher will walk away with the coveted champion’s playmat. Space is limited to 32 players. Registration opened on 5/1/19 at 8am. See the event listing here.

Raffle: 8pm, Saturday May 25
We have a massive wall of prizes we will be giving away all day Saturday. Some items will be avaiable for purchase with raffle tickets. Most will be raffled off at 8pm. As you earn tickets, either exchange them for items or drop them into the raffle bags. Items include sleeves, deckboxes, binders, playmats. Commander decks, challenger decks, and other product may be included if we sell enough event tickets.

We hope you will join us. It will be a party you won't want to miss!