Free RPG Day (General Overview)

Free RPG Day (General Overview)

Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 11:00am to 8:00pm

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

645 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003


This will be our first year ever participating in Free RPG day. We will be planning a full day of role-playing game fun.

Established in 2007, Free RPG Day works with participating hobby game retailers and RPG publishers to bring new and exclusive RPG quickstart rules and adventure modules into the hands of gamers.

Consumers WORLDWIDE will be able to grab brand new material for a variety of RPGs --- no overstock, retail-priced or dead product here. The goal of Free RPG Day is to inspire gamers to play a new RPG, and to support the stores that run RPG events.


(Registration will open on Monday, June 3 at 8am. You must register for the games/events you would like to attend. Seats are limited.)

11am: Guild of Heroes: For Kids (and their families) run by Kids - A few of our longest Guild of Heroes members are ready to run their own D&D 5e adventures, and we are so happy to give them a chance. 

1pm - 5pm: One-shot adventures hosted by staff and volunteer DMs

5pm: RPG System Sampler & DM/Player Mixer: This event is meant to allow DMs and players to mingle, and players will get to try short snippets of several different systems. It'll be like "tapas" for RPGs. We'll also be offering some DMs tips during the event. 

Games featured will include: Dungeon Crawl Classics, Tales from the Loop, Mothership, Masks: A New Generation, Blades in the Dark, and many more.