Break My Game

Break My Game logo with a cracked six-sided die.

Break My Game

Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 12:00pm to 8:00pm

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

645 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003


Help local game designers test their new games! Come join Break My Game at Labyrinth Games and Puzzles for a full day of free gaming! The games we will play are games that are still under development. You will get to be one of the first ones to try them out! Never play tested before? Never fear! Play testing is easy. We will have the designers of the games on hand to teach you how to play each game. At the end of playing, you can give feedback to the designers to help make their game better. Tell them what you liked, didn't like, and even offer suggestions on how to make the game better. You need no experience to be a play tester, just a desire to play games and willingness to give feedback.

This is a free event for all ages, and no RSVP is necessary. Just come and play! New games will be starting regularly, and there are usually many designers looking for help.

Featured games:

Collaulous - By Carla Kopp
Weird Giraffe Games 
2 - 4 players, 45 - 60 min
Come play test Carla Kopp's newest design Collaulous. You will work as a team in this bag building game to design computer programs to meet your customer's ever more demanding needs! Improve your tools and processes to prevent delays and fix bugs as your code becomes more complex. Can you complete your program on time? 

America For Sale - by Eric Plunkett
3 - 5 players, 60 - 90 min
The US government is broke. To pay off its debts, it must sell its best properties: the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, even the White House -- everything must go! As a global conglomerate, you must outbid and outsmart your rivals to win the properties that will allow you to dominate the market. 

Above Hanoi - by Franklin Kenter
3 - 5 players, 30 - 60 min
[No description provided] 

Supreme Justice - by Talia Rosen 
2 - 4 players, 60 - 120 min
On the first Monday in October, the all-powerful Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court gather each year to decide the fate of the "free world."  Each player represents a long-standing institute, association, or think tank and use their limited influence and actions wisely to control the judicial philosophy of the court and to prevail in as many cases as possible.

Boss Battle - By David Smith 
Winsmith Games
2 - 4 players, 30 - 60 min
Boss Battle is a cooperative dice-chucking game in which heroes work together to defeat the boss and his horde. However, rounds are timed and players must evaluate, communicate, and determine their own actions during the clock.  

Asteroid Miner - By James Bishop
2 - 4 players, 30 - 60 min 
Think ahead and shrewdly deploy technology to out-mine your competitors in outer space. For people who like astronomy, hoarding resources, and/or dizzying decision trees.  

War of the Elves - By Andrew and Adam Godby 
Square Table Games
3 - 6 players , 60 - 90 min
Programming area control game determining the fate and future of Elvenkind.  

The Carabas - By Joel Sparks
2 - 5 players, 60 - 90 min
On Old Tschai, humans struggle to thrive under alien domination. The only way to get wealth is to harvest the gleaming Sequins that grow in the bleak terrain known as the Carabas, but the predatory Dirdir have declared the Carabas their private hunting ground. The prey: You and your fellow treasure-seekers.