Labyrinth’s Youth D&D Program: Guild of Heroes Explained

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles has been teaching children and adults how to play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) since we first opened in 2010. The role playing game, which is now in its 5th edition, is about storytelling in a world of swords and sorcery. It shares many similarities with pretend play or make-believe, but the game’s rules add structure to the stories. Rolling dice provides a way to determine consequences for the actions players choose within the fiction. At Labyrinth, our stories are created and led by our training staff, but the players (and the dice) will determine the outcome.

Over the years, Labyrinth has worked to build an incredibly popular youth D&D program. During regular times, we host events and camps in the store. Currently, we are hosting online events through Zoom to keep everyone safe during the Corona virus outbreak. We offer specific intro games, but all of our youth games are beginner friendly. If a child is nervous or might prefer to play at first with other less experienced players, choosing an intro game to begin is probably best. Otherwise, our Dungeon Masters are happy to teach rules and help new players in all of our games. Each game only has room for 6 players. This is an important limit to make sure all of the players have a good time and that there is not too much down time between turns.

One of the key tenets of Labyrinth’s youth D&D program is that all players belong to a Guild of Heroes. In the fiction, the Guild of Heroes is an organization of brave adventurers and explorers dedicated to helping those in need and bettering the world around them. Outside of the fiction, it’s the structure that helps us introduce new players to the game, create characters, and level up.

Our goal is to give young players opportunities for independence and responsibility. As they play with us they have a chance to develop expertise on the rules of the game and what being a hero means to them. Each session requires math, teamwork, strategy, and communication. They will also use their creativity and problem solving skills.

How to Play

Joining the Guild of Heroes is easy! Start by signing up for any Kids’ or Teen D&D event. All events are listed on our event calendar. We’ll teach new players the game as we go. Teen sessions are for children aged 13 to 17, and often include kids with at least a couple years experience playing. Events can fill up quickly. If you click on the event link, the registration form will be under the event’s description or it will tell you when registrations will open. If the event is full, you may sign up for the waitlist, and we will let you know if there are any cancellations. Event costs will be listed on their description, and a PayPal link will be sent with the zoom link. Please try to make sure your child knows the basics of using Zoom. If you register and your child cannot attend, please cancel your registration or let us know. We normally have long waitlists, and the kids just want to play.

In their first session they will get to use a premade character that we provide. They should imagine these level 1 pramdes as new heroes, trainees interested to join the Guild. During the game they’ll need to roll various sizes of polyhedral dice to overcome challenges. It’s best to have your own dice at home but you can also use online tools or apps for android or iOS.

Each session is an independent episode. Characters persist and grow, and there’s a consistent world around the adventures but most plotlines are resolved in a single session. Our camps have deeper storylines spanning multiple sessions.

At the end of the session, after learning the game, heroic players will receive an invitation to join the Guild of Heroes! This means they can create a custom character with our help and level up over time. We’ll walk you through this process step by step. It very rarely ever happens that a child is not invited to join the guild, but if our staff feels that the player needs more assistance or is not ready for the cooperative nature of the game, we will speak with their guardians and explain the steps that they will need to take to join. It is our goal to make sure that all of the players grow and enjoy themselves during the program.

Leveling Up

Players who behave heroically for a few sessions will have the chance to level up their characters. This means their character has more experience, expertise, and special abilities. Along the way they may acquire cooler equipment or magical items. Each level is harder to reach than the last. Sessions will often include a mix of experienced and newer players who can learn from each other about the game.

Season 2

Over time, the Guild of Heroes program has grown and changed in a lot of ways. As we plan this stay-at-home summer, we decided to reboot our ongoing storyline and begin Season 2. In the future, a change of season will be used to introduce a new storyline, players will create new Level 2 characters, and other changes will be introduced to the way we run the game.

In Season 2 we’re welcoming many new players into the game, streamlining our process for joining the Guild, and changing our games to adapt for the realities of quarantine. There will no longer be an additional fee for joining. Anyone who plays in our sessions can join without further cost. New players will no longer get a free miniature.

Private Tables and Custom Campaigns

If you’d like a little more control over your experience, we’re happy to offer private tables or custom campaigns. With a private table, you can bring together a group of friends and book a table at a time that works for them. With a custom campaign, you can change any element of the game to suit your groups needs.


Is there a fee to join the Guild of Heroes?

No. There was previously a $20 fee to join that included a free character miniature. We are suspending both for Season 2.

Can I play a custom character I made at home?

To ensure that all players have access to the same options and abilities, we create all characters through the same standardized process. You’re welcome to recreate your ideas through that process.

How can I make sure I play with my friends?

Email about booking a private table of the Guild of Heroes for your group.

Can we play an extended campaign, less heroic characters, or a different system than D&D?

Definitely! Email about booking a custom session or campaign.